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A quick shot of the legendary Rucker Park in Harlem, NYC – home of the 4th Annual D3 Tournament, organized by The Sumner Group. Narration by our VP, Mike Sumner.

New Work: Ora Mill Market

For over 100 years, Ora Mill Market has been providing Shelby, NC with fresh produce. The Sumner Group was retained as part of the market’s efforts to maintain and increase community awareness. Along with former client and president of Citizens South bank Kim Price, The Sumner Group freshened up the market’s identity, designed and placed seasonal billboards and produced staff apparel.

We’ve been thrilled to work with an institution such as the Ora Mill Market, which has been an important part of the community’s life since Shelby’s days as a textile town.

How for-profit colleges rip off students

Fascinating article on CNN.com written by a Whitney Barkley, daughter of The Sumner Group’s President, Jacque Sumner. Read it here.