Wirth Chiropractic & Active Living Center is one of the largest chiropractic care centers in the Greater Greenville, NC area.

Wirth Chiroprctic & Active Living Center

Founded by Dr. Brian Wirth, a veteran of sports medicine and rehabilitation, Wirth Chiropractic employs natural and safe techniques to treat a wide range of conditions: neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, sports-related injuries, injuries that have resulted from repetitive and stress motions, and automobile injuries.

Wirth Chiropractic was at acrossroads. With his background in sports medicine, what Dr. Wirth provides is unique, with insight into the underlying causes of various types of injuries, enabling him to offer customized treatment solutions to his patients. Because of this Dr. Wirth established more than just a chiropractic care practice – it’s an Active Living Center. However, his existing identity and branding was vague and confusing, and many potential chiropractic patients, including vehicle accident victims, were going elsewhere.

Our task was to re-approach Wirth Chiropractic’s identity and branding, creating a clear, approachable, recognizable and adaptable system, focused on increasing the practice’s presence and increasing the patient population.

Our concept for the brand re-fresh and rollout was bold, clean, and direct across the logo design, printed materials, signage and website.