Founded in 1941, Telco Credit Union is one of North Carolina’s oldest credit unions.

Telco Credit Union

In 1941, 19 honest hard working Carolina Telephone employees met in Tarboro, North Carolina to form Telco Credit Union. Today, Telco is a full service not-for-profit financial institution serving over 10,000 members.

Wanting to increase awareness of these services, and increase membership enrollment, The Sumner Group was tasked with creating a new identity, position line and marketing plan for Telco Credit Union.

Using a “Coastal” color palette and clean, approachable typography, Telco’s new identity is compact, memorable and friendly. The “speech bubble” iconography evokes the telecom roots of Telco, while representing the individuality of the credit union’s members. The position line “You can belong here.”  is meant to quickly and memorably communicate not only what membership brings (a sense of belonging), but also a call to action: with Telco is where you can belong.