Taylor King & Associates is the Arkansas law firm that’s “On Your Side and By Your Side.”

Taylor King & Associates

Taylor King’s Firm handles the entire legal process inlcuding negotiating with the adjuster to get clients compensated for their injuries. If property damage, workers’ compensation or social security disability become involved, they handle that, too. Taylor King & Associates negotiates, settles, or files the case in court.

As a law firm focused on people, not ust settlements, Taylor King & Associates needed to present their expertise in a personable, yet reputable way. They also needed a multi-media marketing approach to reach potential clients through every format: TV, radio, billboards, vehicle wraps, print ads and through a robust online presence.

Through a partnership that has lasted years, we’ve been glad to help Taylor King & Associates diversify their reach and increase their clientele. In the time that we have worked with them, their name recognition and caseload has increased many times over, and they’ve expanded to locations across four cities.