For the past 36 years, The Sumner Group has sponsored and coordinated the ACC Barnstorming Tour.

ACC Barnstorming Tour

Over the years, the ACC Barnstorming Tour – coordinated by The Sumner Group – has provided a rare up-close-and-personal look at such standout players as Michael Jordan, Len Bias, Dereck Whittenburg, Tyler Hansbrough, Nolan Smith, and Tyler Zeller to fans of all ages across the southeastern United States. Each year, the Barnstorming Tour pits a selected group of ACC seniors versus local All-Stars in a charity game. A portion of the proceeds from each game are donated to the Ronald McDonald House. Additional proceeds also benefit each hosting high school.

With the Tour serving as the cornerstone of he Sumner Group, we pour great care, attention and resources into this yearly event. The target audience is overwhelmingly the children who otherwise would not get a chance to see their favorite college players up close and personal. So, each stop on the Tour has to be more than simply a charity game – it has to be a must-attend event.

Promotion for the games begins well before the Tour kicks off, with advertising, posters and print and radio press coverage in the local market for each location where the Tour is held. In addition to the basketball games, each stop on the Tour also consists of a 3-point contest and a dunk contest. Players are also made available following each game for a limited autograph session with general admission ticket holders. VIP ticket holders enjoy reserved front row seating to the game, a post game reception with the ACC All-Stars, and a photo/autograph session.