Improve Your Web Performance with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here’s a critically revealing test for your web site. Imagine you are a potential customer for your product, and enter your product category in Google or another major search engine.  Chances are you will not show up on the first results page. Or the second. And maybe not even in the top 100 listings.

Why should this be important to you? The fact is that search engines are the way most people (85%) find new sites, and the way most businesses find new sources for products and services. If you depend on your web site for lead generation, or for direct sales, or simply competitive product information, there are two ways you can drive new customers to your site. One is through aggressive promotion. The other is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The question is, if you can double your site traffic with a fairly small expenditure in SEO, is it a good investment? The answer will depend on your own Return on Invenstment (ROI) calculations based on conversion, sales, etc.  But consider this: How much would you have to invest in traditional promotions such as direct mail, banner advertising, e-mail campaigns or space advertising to spike your response numbers by 100%? That should quickly put the answer in perspective.

More importantly, if you are going to be a player on the web, Search Engine Optimization is simply something you are going to have to do, because your competitors will almost certainly be doing it. Otherwise your web investment becomes less valuable the further down the rankings you slide. To find out how you can do it and how much it will cost seek out a competent web site developer (we are one of the best) and experience a dramatic improvement in your web site performance.